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Truth resides in every human heart, and one has to search for it there, and to be guided by truth as one sees it. But no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of truth. - Mohandas K. Gandhi
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:: Portfolio of Executive Members for Human Service Trust for the year 2010 ::

05 Jul 2010
President    : Sooroojall Bissessur
Vice-President : Preeumvada Boojhawon
Secretary : Premchand Boojhawon
Asst. Secretary : Vandana Lamba
Treasurer : Nirlup Bauhadoor
Asst. Treasurer : Chundraprakash Dussoye
P.R.O : B. K. Madhou

Executive Members for the year 2010
  1. Mr. Poorundeo Callychurn
  2. Mr. Navinprasad Deerpaul
  3. Mr. Emangalsing Seechurn
  4. Mr. Deepacklall Bauhadoor
  5. Mrs. Medha Ramsurun
  6. Mrs. Kamlaotee Bissessur
  7. Mrs. Varsharanee Bissessur Doolooa
Cultural Tour of Delegation from Human Service Trust Mauritius to England organised by Hindu Charitable Trust, Edmonton, Ehall London, England.

Date 4th April 2010 – 22nd April 2010
  1. Delegation comprised of
  2. Sooroojlall Bissessur
  3. Nirlup Bauhadoor
  4. Kamlaotee Bissessur
  5. Leelavtee Bauhadoor
  6. Varsharanee Bissessur
  7. Sujata Ramdharry
  8. Santa Surroop
  9. Kunal Caullychurn
  10. Ved Pokhun
  11. Nirvin Beegun
(accompanied by minor Vaidehi Doolooa)

The Delegation left Mauritius on the 3rd of April.  At the airport, several members of Human Service Trust and family members of the delegations were present to bid Bon Voyage at 10.20 p.m.

4th April 2010
At the Heathrow Airport upon our arrival in the midst of utter cold, we were received by Preet Toofaneeram, Vikesh Toofaneeram, Dr. Ghoorun and  Mr. Raam and were hosted by the families namely Nila Toofaneeram and Mrs. Mohabeer.

After lunch, we performed at the Dharma Foundation where Pandit Vyas was performing his monthly pooja at the Temple.

In the afternoon, we participated at the Hanuman Chalissa reciting at the Depala Mitra Mandal institution where Shri Himmatbhai and others warmly welcomed us and reminded the audience about the special relationship we had with Swamiji during the seventies.

5th April 2010
Informal meetings with several people and the site seeing.  Night Ramayan Satsangh at the Residence of Nila Toofaneeram where she had invited devotees I explained the purpose of our visit.

6th April 2010
Informal meetings with people and site seeing.  11 Hanuman Chalissa at the Residence of Mrs. Mohabeer.

7th April 2010
Visit to Southwales New Port.
Prathna at the Residence of Pandit Vyas.

8th April 2010
Vist to calldiff shopping Mall and return to  New pork.

9th April 2010
Edmonton – visit to westminster and central London

10th April 2010
Night satsang at a Bhagwat Katha organized by the Hans Sammelan Sabha and officiated by Pandit Sudhakar Mohabeer of Mauritius.

11th April 2010
Satsangh at Ram Mandir, Southhall, met Mr. Krish Gopal  - witnessed the procession by the Sikh Gundwara on the occasion of the Annual Baisakhi.

12th April, 2010
By car left for Huddersfield –Residence of Dr. Sharma Ghoorun.  Night stay and satsangh at his residence.

13th April 2010

Satsangh at Bradford with retired persons of the Gujevati Samaj at a Community Centre.

Visit to Manchester – Trafford Shopping Centre.
Night – Ramayan Satsangh at the Hindu Temple organized by the Gujevati Samaj.
Mr. Ballu Bhai who was very closed to Swamiji though very sick attended.

14th April 2010
Travelled  to Nothingham – Ramayan at the Residence of Ramchurn family.  Mrs Mala acquainted herself as a friend of Bindu Bahadoor and all her friends in the early seventies.  A group of Mauritians among them one lady was our participant at the Residential Seminar.  Travelled whole night to reach Newport and rested the whole day.

15th April 2010
Bristol – Ramayan satsangh at Jack’s Residence and travelled whole night to reach Edmonton.

16th April 2010

Sight seeing and shopping
Night formal meeting with members of the charitable Trust.  A new Secretary was nominated in the name of Asha Bhuckory and Mr. Ram Seesurn had expressed his worries about his professional and family commitments.

17th April 2010
Sight seeing
Ramayan Satsangh at Tooting Community Centre with members.

18th April 2010
Satsangh at Ilford Community Centre organized by Mr. Dev

19th April 2010

Ramayan Satsangh at Depala Mitra Mandal – East Finchley organized by Shri Himmat Bhai

20th April 2010

Farewell Dinner at Nila’s Residence

21st April 2010
It should be noted that due to the closure of the London Heathrow Airport for six days, the delegation underwent tremendous pressure in working out the modalities to finalise our departure.

22nd April 2010

2.30 a.m – Farewell Departure for Mauritius by MK 5067 and reached Mauritius at 10.30 p.m.

8th Anniversay of the Ramayan Mandali Sangh

  : 25th April 2010
Venue : Human Service Trust , Calebasses
Time :  6.00 – 8.00 p.m.

The divine happening took place to remember Lord Ram and celebrate among thousand of devotees and other members of the Human Service Trust the 8th anniversary of the federation of all groups engaged in Ramayan chanting.

The Hon. Prime Minister, Dr. Navinchandra Ramgoolam who was the chief guest for the occasion, took the opportunity to address all our members and took the pledge to continue the good work his government was doing to bring unity, security and prosperity.  He appealed that to all present to vote for people who are not involved in corruption charges.

The function was fabulous in matters of welcome, discipline of volunteer aid infrastructure.  The Human Service Trust’s cultural wing presented a ½ hour Ramayan Chanting lead by the chairman Shri Sooryadev Bissessur.  Swayam Bauhadoor performed on a dance depicting Lord Krishna.

Shri Bissessur emphasized on the vision of Swamiji, founder of Human Service Trust to always work for the poor and the depressed.  He called on all our followers, members to support the alliance lead by Dr. Ramgoolam.